I've taught a number of specialized and core courses for undergraduate students, including several writing-intensive courses. I received the Department of Sociology's Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (University of Michigan) and also a Graduate Teaching Certificate (Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, University of Michigan).  Outside of my work in the classroom, I've also served as an Academic Adviser and Preceptor for the University of Michigan's Undergraduate Honors Program.

General Teaching Interests

Core Courses:  Sociology Theory (classical and contemporary); Research Methods; Introduction to Sociology

Substantive Courses: Nationalism; Political Sociology; Cultural Sociology; Stratification

Courses Taught

Instructor of Record (Department of Sociology, University of Michigan)

  • Sociology 100 Introduction to Sociology (Spring 2015)
  • Sociology 305 Introduction to Sociological Theory (Spring 2012)
  • Sociology 344 Marriage & Family (Summer 2016)

Graduate Student Instructor (Department of Sociology, University of Michigan)

  • Sociology 102 Contemporary Social Issues – Nations: Identity, Movements and Conflict (Fall 2013) 
  • Sociology 102 Contemporary Social Issues – Social Stratification (Winter 2010) 
  • Sociology 305 Introduction to Social Theory – Upper-level writing course (Fall 2009, Winter 2012)
  • Sociology 310 Research Methods – Upper-level writing course on research methods (Fall 2016)
  • Sociology 312 Evaluating Evidence – Upper-level writing course on research methods (Fall 2011)
  • Sociology 344 Marriage & Family (Fall 2012)